Welcome to KMOXX Marketplace


  1. I would like to know about Kmoxx LLC
    Kmoxx LLC is a unique company registered at Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. It is based on the concept of “getting richer each time you shop”.
  2. What does TRC stands for?
    TRC is the abbreviation used for “The Rich Clan Club”
  3. What are different wallet options available?
    In TRC there are majorly two types of wallets as listed below:
    1. Primary / Deposit Wallet: This is the main wallet acting as your personal bank account with TRC. All the deposits / withdrawal / transfer done from TRC will be processed based on funds available.
    2. Purchase / Secondary Wallet: These are the wallets being created by customers to enter different cash-back programs available; as well all the cash-back and loyalty benefits will be credited to these wallets only.
  4. How can I join Kmoxx Marketplace Community
    Just visit our Register Now page for sign-up. For step by step help please refer to our getting started section.
  5. What are the steps I needs to follow post Registration? / What are the steps I need to follow to complete my sign-up progress?
    It’s really easy to "Register" and join TRC program.
  6. What is the minimum amount of purchase I need to do?
    There is no set or minimum amount of purchase you need to do; however you need to create a wallet with minimum amount and balance of $20.
  7. Is there a locking period before which I can make purchases?
    No there is no waiting or locking period before which can start shopping. ASAP you create an account and make a deposit of minimum of $20 you’re good to go shopping on www.kmoxx.com.
  8. If I receive any cash-back then can I withdraw it to my bank account?
    No there is no waiting period post you receive your cash-back. ASAP cash-back is credited to purchase / secondary wallet customers you may choose to transfer it immediately to their primary wallet and use it for creating new purchase / secondary wallet or withdraw it to your bank account / e-wallets.
  9. When do I receive my cash- back?
    Cash_back offers are promotional offers. When it is being introduced for specific period of time then based on offer it will be credited to your purchase / secondary wallets. This is an assured cash-back program and not guaranteed cash-back program. All the cash-backs are based on Kmoxx LLC global growth and performance. More and more prospective customers join TRC’s programs sooner will be the cash-back cycle.
  10. Where will I receive my cash- backs?
    If eligible, for cash-back then it will be credited to customers purchase / secondary wallet from where the purchases have been made. All the wallets under different programs works on concept of first come first serve basis.
  11. Can I transfer my cash-backs?
    Yes once you receive cash-back in associated wallet you are free to transfer it to your primary deposit wallet. Post these transfer customers are free to create a new purchase wallet or withdraw it to their bank accounts / e-wallets.
  12. Can I have more than one registered account with Kmoxx?
    No, accounts are limited to one account per customer. However within one account you may choose to create multiple purchase / secondary wallets based on program terms and conditions.
  13. Are there any charges for creating purchase / secondary wallet?
    No there are no charges to create secondary / purchase wallet; however there are fixed amount for which they can be created.
  14. Is there any transfer fee for transferring cash-back received from my wallet?
    No there is no transfer charges when you transfer your cash-back received in any of your purchased wallet. For more information please refer to transfer policy.
  15. Are there any withdrawal / transfer charges for withdrawing funds to my bank account?
    Yes there is very nominal charge to withdraw funds to your bank account as stated below: 1. For customers based in USA will be charged a flat transfer fee of $3.00 irrespective of amount withdrawn. 2. For international customer (other than USA) there will be a flat fee of $5.00 irrespective of amount.
  16. How many times can I create my new purchase wallet?
    This is a never ending cycle you may choose to create new purchase as many times you want to. There is no limit on how many times you can create; however you cannot have more than three (3) active wallets in any Kmoxx LLC cash-back program. This means all programs added together will be more than 3 wallets.
  17. Do I pay shipping extra?
    Kmoxx LLC does not guarantee you free shipping on all the products. There are products which may offer free shipping and many where shipping needs to be paid in addition to product cost. For more information please refer to shipping policy.
  18. Can I cancel my wallet?
    Yes you can cancel it. Kmoxx does not appreciate customers cancelling their wallets as it moves them out of the cash-back system. Now in order to receive cash-back one needs to create a new purchase wallet. For more details please refer to cancellation policy.
  19. Can I cancel my products?
    Yes you can however for more information on cancellation charges please refer to cancellation policy.
  20. Can I buy more than more products at one time?
    Yes you may choose to buy as many products in single purchase.
  21. Can I close my account?
    Yes you can close your account from my dashboard section. Warning: Once you close your account you will lose all your referrals, active wallets and you will be moved out of all the cash-back systems.
  22. Can I re-activate my closed Account ?
    No once all closed all the user data gets deleted and so it cannot be recovered; instead you can create a new one.
  23. How many people can I refer to Kmoxx?
    There is no limit on referring of new customers to Kmoxx. As you refer them, based on their wallet option they will be placed under your referral and you will receive the benefits accordingly. If the option selected by them is not active in your account or the number of referrals is more than wallets then you will be paid a onetime referral commission @9% of their wallet amounts.
  24. Can I receive referral benefits and referral commission at same time?
    No, based on option selected by your referral and active in your account referrer will only receive either of one that is referral benefits (RAP) or referral commission paid one time @9%.
  25. What does Consumer Appreciation Program (CAP) stands or means?
    CAP: Consumer Appreciation Program, which is being offered by Kmoxx as a token of thanks to its customers for buying products and services from our platform.
  26. What does Referral Appreciation Program (RAP) means?
    RAP: Referral Appreciation Program is a special way to “say thanks” from Kmoxx LLC for recommending our platform for shopping.
  27. How does Consumer Appreciation Program (CAP) benefits me?
    CAP is a special way to say thanks from Kmoxx LLC under which upon your turn we offer a cash-back from 1.5X-4X of your purchase wallet amount used for shopping.
  28. How does Referral Appreciation Program (RAP) benefits me?
    RAP offers its customers cash-back to its customers from 5X-20X in addition to CAP upon their turn if eligible for recommending our platform to their friends and family members.
  29. Is it possible that I may get only CAP benefits and not RAP?
    Based on the ongoing promotions (if any), yes it is possible to receive CAP benefits and not RAP benefits.
  30. Is it possible that I may receive only RAP benefits and not CAP?
    No it is not possible to receive RAP benefits before receiving CAP benefits. Since based on the cash- back model first paid is CAP and when eligible then RAP.
  31. Can I receive CAP more than once?
    Yes CAP is paid once per wallet per customer. In even of multiple wallets Kmoxx customers will receive CAP benefits more than once.
  32. Can I receive RAP more than once?
    Yes RAP is paid once per customer per wallet upon it parameters being met.
  33. In how many days to I receive money in my back account after initiating withdrawal?
    Once request has been raised and accepted it takes maximum of 3-4 business days to receive funds in your ban account.