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Funds Withdrawl Policy:

  1.   Program all rights reserved by company.
  2.   The Rich Clan and Kmoxx logos are registered copyright of Kmoxx LLC.
  3.   In the points coming below “we”, “us”, “company”, “our” refers to Kmoxx LLC and its registered name of “The Rich Clan” and “Kmoxx”, as well its websites www.therichclan.com and www.kmoxx.com.
  4.   Kmoxx LLC reserves all the right to all its programs, terms of sales of products and services, shipping / cancellation / refund / exchange and other policies.
  5.   Kmoxx LLC reserves the right to change / modify terms and condition of program / payments or withdraw program without any prior notice or customer's consent.
  6.   Company reserves the right to add / remove / modify products and services anytime without any prior notice on either of our websites.
  7.   Company only accepts payments online through their registered websites: www.therichclan.com / www.kmoxx.com. We do not accept cash payments.
  8.   Kmoxx LLC is accountable for the payments which are directly accepted from our registered website or the modes of payments offered; payments made in any other mode or to any person representing as The Rich Clan / Kmoxx / The Rich Clan / Kmoxx employee will not be entertained as well are not company’s responsibility.
  9.   By funds withdrawal we mean:
    1.   When funds are moved from your primary deposit wallet to your bank account /e-wallet.
    2.   Withdrawal of funds post deposit in primary wallet and then withdrawing it to customers linked bank account may attract bank transfer if any.
    3.   Transfer of funds post deposit to purchase / secondary wallet and before receiving cashback will be termed as cancellation and not withdrawal.
    4.   Withdrawal can only be made from primary wallet and not any other wallet. Any other transfers between the wallets will be termed as transfer (link this with transfer policy) and not withdrawal.
    5.   Any products purchase from www.kmoxx.com please refer to return / cancellation policy
  10.   Once funds deposited in primary wallet can be withdrawn within 10 days cancellation period under no question asked policy.
  11.   Post 10 days if funds are withdrawn it may attract any withdrawal / bank transfer fee if any.
  12.   Kmoxx is only providing the platform to bridge the gap between “service provider” and “consumer” and is not the actual service provider. In event of any scheduling / re- scheduling / concern / dispute it needs to resolved directly with service providing business.