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Threadolysis License

Threadologist License

Discounted Threadologist®© License with 75% off on it.

Threadologist® License is a commercial product to be used by licensed Threadologist® only to perform Threadolysis ® Procedure.

For more information on Threadologist® license and its terms and conditions please refer to www.threadologist.com


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About Inventor :-

This is a unique technique is invented, owned, and patented by Mrs. Manju Oberoi. She has more than 35 years of experience in beauty industry. She is also inventor of several high-quality natural beauty products known as “Saajona”. Manju has designed and developed several specialized tools and products for benefit of beauty industry, to name few are:


Mayotone ®©

Overnight Cream

Anti-Aging Crème


About Threadolysis® :- Threadolysis® is 100% natural hair removal method performed with help of Threadolysis® device also termed as “Dermathreader®©”. Threadolysis®© devices are broadly categorized in two options:

Threadolysis Manual Threadolysis Device®© and Dermathreader® Threadolysis Device.

While performing Threadolysis procedure on your clients or known, operator may require either or both devices.

Manual Threadolysis Device:

About Manual Device:


This device is like a band which is worn on your neck (like a neckless or a chain) by the operator while performing the Threadolysis® procedure. This device is mainly used for precision work like shaping “Eyebrows”.

About Dermathreader® Threadolysis Machine:


This is automatic machine used performing Threadolysis® and Dermathreadation® procedures. Dermathreader can used for performing Threadolysis procedure on larger skin areas like “Upper lip”, “Facial Hair Removal”, etc.


Threadolysis procedure is 100% hygienic and completely contactless, which not only secures the operator (Threadologist) but also client from spread of inflammatory and contagious diseases. The only point of contact between two is the thread (used sterile) which is used for performing procedure. In the present tough times and outbreak of global pandemic where social distancing is must, this unique procedure is the need of the hour. It not only helps you maintain the required distance but also set new benchmark level in industry for practicing “Threadolysis”.


Presently it is time for the entire beauty industry to adopt this technique and be safe as well keep their clients safe and above all break the chain. There are many “Threadologist” at present who are following the standard and norms of “Threadology”.


Note: All the discounted / rebated prices are not eligiable for cash-back and loyality points.

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