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The Rich Clan Cash-Back Program – “TRC Cash-Back”:

  •   The Rich Clan Cash-Back Program – “TRC Cash-Back” benefits in two different ways:
    • TRC Consumer Appreciation Program (TRC-CAP).
    • TRC Referral Appreciation Program (TRC-RAP).

The Rich Clan Cash-Back Program – “TRC - CAP”

  •   A never ending cycle with wide variety of wallets to choose from with multiple entry choices.
  •   A performance based program Which assures** you one time flat CAP cash-back of 1.5X based on program of your choice.
  •   To earn CAP cash-back every time you need to rejoin our program i.e. makes a fresh purchase to avail benefits again.
  •   This is a never ending cycle with TRC till the time you keep shopping.
  •   The Rich Clan Cash-Back Program – “TRC RAP”
  •   TRC RAP is a unique loyalty appreciation program offer under TRC Cash-back.
  •   To avail benefits of TRC-RAP you need to do what we always do : “Recommend”.
  •   When 10 of your referral make purchase and join the same TRC-Cash back program as yours and have their 10 referrals each.
  •   Once this process completes you’re paid TRC-RAP benefits* of up to 5X based on program you’re enrolled in.
  •   This is a never ending cycle till time your referral don’t stop following you or you keep referring new customers.

TRC – CAP Entry Options:

  •   Below are the entry / program choice options” and its associated benefits:
Entry Amount Option ($) CAP Cashback ($) CAP Bouns *($) CAP Points **($ Value)
$20 $30 $100 20 ($2)
$50 $75 $250 50 ($5)
$100 $150 $500 100 ($10)
$250 $375 $1250 250 ($25)
$500 $750 $2500 625 ($62.5)
$750 $1175 $3750 1175 ($117.5)
$1000 $1500 $5000 2500 ($250)
$2500 $3750 $12500 7500 ($750)
$5000 $7500 $25000 20000 ($2000)
NOTE : *Paid only after sign up of 10 paid referrals under referrers code, along with their 10 referrals each.
** 10 Point =$1/-
All the amount referred are in USD($), payment will be accepted and paid in USD($) only. based on your geographical location website may show products and services prices in other then USD; however at time of payment it'll be charged in USD($) only.

Note:     * Assurance is not a guaranty of cash-back. Its extended benefits / CAP’s courtesy from Kmoxx LLC and not an standalone product sold individually. TRC reserves right to modify / change / withdraw CAP benefits without prior written / verbal notice. (Hanging indent used here)

* *benefits are a token of appreciation from Kmoxx group and not and guarantee. Kmoxx reserves the right to modify / withdraw / cancel program with any prior written / verbal notice.