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Shipping Policy:

  1.   In the points coming below “we”, “us”, “company” refers to Kmoxx LLC and its registered name of “The Rich Clan” and “Kmoxx.com”
  2.   Shipping all rights reserved by company.
  3.   The Rich Clan and Kmoxx logos are registered copyright of Kmoxx LLC.
  4.   TRC reserves the right to change / modify / add / remove terms and condition of shipping policy without any prior notice or consumers consent.
  5.   Company reserves the right to add / remove / change shipping company / companies anytime without any prior notice.
  6.   Shipping prices are subjected to change without any prior notice.
  7.   Shipping services are provided by third party and not in house service available with Kmoxx LLC.
  8.   Any delay in shipping will be shipping company’s responsibility. Kmoxx is offering this feature to make buying / delivery process easy.
  9.   Company will provide shipping details once product is collected by shipping company and tracking details are issued.
  10.   All the tracking for delivery of products needs to be checked on respective shipping company’s site which is providing services or may also alternatively be available on www.kmoxx.com.
  11.   Kmoxx may send you timely updates and in transit shipping status as and when received from shipping company and does not guarantee it.
  12.   We assure you the delivery of product in its original state as provided by manufacturer and does not guarantee it.
  13.   In event of product being delivered damaged during shipping process, customer needs to inform us in writing along with proof of damage within 3 calendar days from receiving products.
  14.   In event product being delivered damaged in shipping consumer may not be charged for replacement product shipping costs; however there may be charged for collection of damaged product.
  15.   Upon availability of services customer always has an option to choose from various shipping option available (express delivery / regular / priority etc.) and will also be charged accordingly.
  16.   Shipping prices may differ from products to product based on their size / weight / dimensions etc., as well from city / state / country.
  17.   Shipping services are only available / applicable for physical products which can be shipped and not for non-tangible / non-shippable products.
  18.   Shipping charges are not applicable on services purchased or on digital products like E-Books etc or services book like waxing, facials etc.
  19.   If consumer chooses an option for store pick-up then shipping charges does not apply; however store may charge them for packing or any other associated charges payable directly at the store from where the product needs to be collected.
  20.   Kmoxx does not guarantee free shipping on their products. There may be few products which may offer free shipping.
  21.   Shipping cost is not the part of product cost it will be charged in addition to product cost.
  22.   All the product prices shown on website do not have the cost of shipping included in them.
  23.   In event of cancellation of product/s shipping cost will not be refunded.
  24.   In event of cancellation of product company will charge customer’s account with shipping costs for collecting product/s.