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TRC Terms and Conditions::

  1.   Program all rights reserved by company.
  2.   The Rich Clan and Kmoxx logos are registered copyright of Kmoxx LLC.
  3.   In the points coming below “we”, “us”, “company” refers to Kmoxx LLC and its registered name of “The Rich Clan” and “Kmoxx.com”.
  4.   TRC reserves the right to change / modify terms and condition of program / payments or withdraw program without any prior notice or customer's consent.
  5.   Company reserves the right to add / remove / modify products and services anytime without any prior notice.
  6.   Company only accepts payments online through their registered websites: www.therichclan.com / www.kmoxx.com.
  7.   Cash-back is once per customer per secondary wallet.
  8.   To receive 5X (times) referral bonus benefits both the referrer and referred person needs to be in same smart buy wallet amount program. For e.g., if you’ve created $20 wallet then the person referred by you also needs create a wallet of $20 and any other amount will not be considered under your referral.
  9.   CAP Bonus + Loyalty Points are paid only when 10 referrals create and activate wallet with same amount as of referrer, as well, those referrals have referred their 10 references with their activated accounts.
  10.   In event of amount being different referrer will only be eligible to receive a onetime referral fee of 9% of wallet amount per referral per wallet created. Referrer will only be eligible for either of one: CAP Bonus + Loyalty or referral commission and not both.
  11.   TRC offers you 10 days waiting and evaluation period to withdraw from program and it can only be done till time funds are parked in primary wallet. Once transfer is made from primary to secondary wallet it will not be entitled for 10 days waiting period. Post receiving cash back and other loyalty benefits one cannot withdraw from program what so ever.
  12.   Post waiting period withdrawals and before cash back and other benefits withdrawal request can be initiated and TRC reserves right to accept / decline as well allow withdrawal after adjusting applicable administration and other charges if any applicable. For more details please refer to cancellation policy.
  13.   In event of products being damaged in transit customer needs to inform TRC in writing with proof of damage with 3 calendar days from receiving product/merchandise.
  14.   In event of services book and not availed will be considered as services availed and Kmoxx LLC will not provide any refund.
  15.   Kmoxx is only providing the platform to bridge the gap between “service provider” and “consumer” and is not the actual service provider. In event of any scheduling / re- scheduling / concern / dispute it needs to resolve with service providing business.
  16.   In event of services booked rescheduling can only be done with prior consent from service provider / affiliates and his terms of agreements. Kmoxx LLC is only a mediator / platform which connect service providers / affiliates and customers.
  17.   Loyalty points are not transferable. They can only be redeemed for buying products or services from www.kmoxx.com or affiliated businesses. They cannot be converted into cash or redeemed to any bank account / e-wallets or any other funds transfer options. As well, loyalty points when used are not eligible to for cash-backs under any programs available with Kmoxx LLC.
  18.   Do not share your user id or password with any person. Kmoxx group does not ask for your password or suggests you to share. In event of sharing of your login credentials and breach of your account security or misuse of your personal and confidential information, “company” holds no accountability or responsibility. As well if known to company it reserves the right to put your account on hold / cancel your account.
  19.   In event of withdrawal made from Kmoxx LLC programs it will only be credited to the account of person in whose name Identity Documents (Know your Customer) are provided at time of registration / withdrawal; hence withdrawal cannot be made or transferred to any other person / company.
  20.   The Rich Clan is the reward and referral program whereas; Kmoxx is the market place to purchase your products / services.
  21.   All the deposits made in purchase wallet and can be redeemed at www.kmoxx.com for making purchase of products / services.
  22.   Cashback credited in purchase wallet cannot be used for making purchases at www.kmoxx.com or at any of our registered vendors / affiliates.
  23.   Customer cannot create more than 3 wallets for a particular program at one point of time; however can create another once any of those expire. For various wallet amount / options / benefits visit www.kmoxx.com.
  24.   Upgrade means creating wallet of same amount or more.
  25.   The entire CAP cash-back are based and calculated on wallet being created and not amount being spent on purchase of products and services.
  26.   All the prices / CAP cash-back / bonus / loyalty points are based and calculated in American Dollars (USD $) only. TRC will accept payments and will pay in USD only. Any currency conversion charges applicable (if any) while depositing funds / withdrawal of funds in event of currency being different from USD ($) will be borne by prospective customer. TRC only assures the USD ($) value specified under any of its programs and not its conversion amount based on country from which funds are originated / withdrawn.
  27.   Once CAP cash-back received wallets expires and they cannot be recharged instead a new one can be created under the same account.
  28.   Consumer is allowed to club multiple wallet amounts to buy products / services.
  29.   Cash-back is assured and not guaranteed / committed. Cash-back benefits are based on company’s overall performance and consumers enrolling for program through website.
  30.   If any, waiting period cancellation / product cancellation / wallet cancellation will be considered for calculating CAP cash-back / bonus loyalty Points for both referral / referrer.
  31.   All program benefits like cash-back / CAP bonus / loyalty points / commission earned will be paid and settled post waiting / cancellation period.
  32.   Once cash-back received wallet / product cannot be canceled / replaced or cashed out.