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Cancellation Policy and Charges TRC – CAP:

  1.   In the points coming below “we”, “us”, “company” refers to Kmoxx LLC and its registered name of “The Rich Clan” and “Kmoxx.com”
  2.   Cancellation policy all rights reserved by company.
  3.   The Rich Clan and Kmoxx logos are registered copyright of Kmoxx LLC.
  4.   TRC reserves the right to change / modify terms and condition of cancellation and return policywithout any prior notice or consumers consent.
  5.   Company reserves the right to add / remove / modify products and services anytime without any prior notice.
  6.   Cancellation fee charged @10% of secondary wallet amount deposited / transferred. In event of multiple wallets being used to buy product / services then it will be grand total of the entire secondary wallets used.
  7.   Administration fees charged @20% of secondary wallet amount deposited.
  8.   Applicable bank transfer fees if any.
  9.   If cash-back, then cancellation not allowed what so ever. Since cash-back value is higher than the amount spent. However it still customer wishes to cancel then he needs to send an email confirming the cancellation and its Kmoxx LLC decision to accept it or decline it. In event of it being accepted there will be an additional administration and accounting fees applicable @20% on the sum paid linked to secondary wallet cancelled under any program.
  10.   If any, shipping charges incurred by Kmoxx LLC for delivering / collecting / replacing products will charge back from primary wallet. For more information on shipping policy please refer to shipping policy.
  11.   In event product is received by consumer, cancellation / refund request will only be processed after company receives it back.
  12.   Product received it needs to be returned in its original condition along with all the items / accessories and tags received in box. Any items missing in box will be treated as product damaged and refund will not be eligible.
  13.   In event of services booked they cannot be cancelled; however can be rescheduled with the service provider / merchant / affiliate / vendor only with their prior consent.
  14.   Services book and not availed are not eligible for refund / cancellation. As well are not treated under the category of product / services damaged; lost in transit.
  15.   In event of cancellation referrer if any, will also be debited for all the benefits received such as referral fee @ 9% / cash-back / loyalty benefits / bonus / reward points along with administration and accounting fee @ 20% of total of secondary wallet amount canceled by his referral.
  16.   All the amount post cancellation will be charged / credited to / from primary wallet of referral / referrer.